Bożena Bednarek-Michalska

Bożena Bednarek-Michalska, Polish Library Association


Information specialist, Diploma librarian

Place of employment: Nicolaus Copernicus University Library in Torun, Poland:,

Professional background: She is the author of numerous articles on scientific information, Internet, evaluation of electronic resources, open access, e-learning and other technologies connected with librarian’s work, teaches courses on search strategies and quality of information, electronic databases, online catalogues, e-journals, digital libraries and other Internet aspects – the courses are given in the framework of Postgraduate Study in Programming and Application of Computers, and of Postgraduate Study “Information Technology in Science Education” at the Institute of Physics, Nicolaus Copernicus University. Until 1998 she is working as an Editor in Chief of Bulletin EBIB – open access journal and Electronic Library service for Polish librarians and until 2005 as an editor in the international E-LIS repository for librarians She is also coordinator of regional project – Kujawsko-Pomorska Digital Library


Open Education Coalition is a liaison between non-governmental organizations and institutions work of which concerns education, science and culture.

Open Education Coalition equals with activity, creation and promotion of the Open Educational Resources idea, understood by freely available materials. guarantees open access to these resources for the recipients which means possibility of using and replaying documents as well as a latitude in knowing them and exploiting information contained. It also provides an opportunity to distribute or redistribute derivative works.

Their activites include advance to legislation changes (searching for standards; building on solutions used in other countries), workshops addressed to various social groups (workshops for social leaders; organization of seminars, conferences), OER creation and development (open standards implementation; Polish models preparation; coordination of locally hosted activities), publications (textbooks, instructions, journals, guides), participation in international projects, participation in social debates and consultations, advising and giving opinions to legislation projects on national and european level, protests and interpellations to public institution about doubtful and questionable issues. OEC also lobbies within the group of parliamentarians and has discussions with ministries.

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