The Concept of Open Education Forum (OEF)

This proposal aims at promoting all those open educational initiatives, educational resources, repository models, new licensing tools, open formats, educational standards which can help to serve the needs of the digitally native generations in both the high school system and higher education. Another scope of the workshop is to explore the possibility to initiate collaborative projects on introducing students to primary sources, creating platforms, forums for teachers to share ideas, or to study the curricular use of visual resources, textual sources, wiki solutions to new integrated support models. The concept of Academic Commons or Science Commons adapted to the Hungarian context is also an important element of the proposal: if faculty, practicing educators, technologists, information professionals or other academics could work together and develop model-projects on the creative use of information technology.

  • The ongoing “revolution” in libraries, the change in reading habits and new types of libraries are all related to questions of open education. Libraries, publishers and archives (and also, their reinterpreted activities) could take the lead in transforming knowledge distribution. In the past few years the Open Access movement has also contributed to the shift of paradigm, and this movement made possible the dissemination of academic content, though  for example, primary sources have been underutilized in this process.  In addition, the OA movement could rather spread in the western parts of Europe as opposed to Central and Eastern European lands, as if  the invisibile boundaries of the former “iron curtain” could still prevent the adoption of innovative approches. Thus, in this part of Europe, it is even more important to challange the education system with questions: whether it can transform both structurally and methodically, or not.  The organizers envisage that meetings, workshops, series of events  to discuss these issues could bring together major stakeholders, they could establish a coalition  which can continue the advocacy work in Hungary.

Therefore, the planned workshop’s purpose is double-fold:

–                     on the one hand, it aims to call the public attention to the importance of existing open educational resources, open access projects, both international and Hungarian ones; tools, solutions and best practices which can be used in order to generate a change.

–                     on the other hand, to organize a forum for those educational institutions, professional  organizations, custodians of digital resources, technology providers, business consultants, non-profit grass-root groups, who could provide policy recommendations to the goverment. State officials will also be invited to present their views or strategy.

Bearing all this in mind, the workshop offers three approches and themes:

1. Roundtable discussion on opportunities, experiences shared by international experts

2. Legal barriers: licences, copyright, public domain and science commons

2. The perspective of technology solutions, innovative business models and the new role of educators.

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